If you’re thinking of buying a dwarf hamster – these Four D’s will save your sanity!

The Most Crucial Information You Need to Know About a Dwarf Hamster CARE!


From: Mrs. Carolyn Felton
Dwarf Hamster Breeder

Dear Fellow Dwarf Hamster Lover,


Caring for a dwarf hamster can be scary - unless you know the Four Ds that makes it easy.  These are breeder tips … tricks that take years to discover on your own!

The tips and tricks that dwarf hamster breeders know make living with your pet easy and fun!  Knowing these Four D’s are your first steps to success!    And this guide comes straight from Breeders! You will immediately be able to:


  • DECIDE which dwarf hamster type fits your personality
  • DEMAND the best for your pet’s needs
  • DETAIL  your bonding plan
  • DETERMINE  when your dwarf hamster is sick, pregnant or even its sex


These Four Ds include all the ways you can save money on housing, bedding, food and nutrition for your dwarf hamster.   On top of that, you will even find out how to become a breeder and MAKE MONEY while having fun! 

These are not the Ds that your local pet store can answer either.  Have you ever asked them which is the best cat or dog food?  They don’t know.  Yet, this is the person that you believe knows what a hamster’s needs?  Do they know that?


  • Cedar or Pine bedding is the WORST thing to put in a hamster home?
  • Some hamster foods have chemicals that make them fat? 
  • Fat hamsters might be really sick hamster?
  • Dwarf Hamsters need a special sized cage?
  • Plastic Wheels can kill your pet?
  • Children should never be in charge of caring for a hamster?


Vets say that the most dangerous place for a hamster to live in in a home where the owners think they just stay in a cage. The vets say it’s a worse life than being in a medical lab.   

There is a lot more to caring for a dwarf hamster than that!

  • Vets declare that most people have no idea how to care for a hamster, so they seldom take them to the vet. 
  • All animals need professional care when they are ill and dwarf hamsters are no different. 
  • Because they are rare, DWARF HAMSTER need proper care or the species could become extinct.
  • Even though they are easier to care for, the truth is that CARING FOR A DWARF HAMSTER – or any hamster – does require some effort. 
  • Vets say that many people don’t think of dwarf hamsters as animals that need attention – they are very wrong.  All animals that are pets need some kind of human touch.   


Let’s talk about the Four Ds for a minute.


  • DECIDE which dwarf hamster type fits your personality

Making a decision about the type of dwarf hamster you really find the most desirable means knowing what kinds of dwarf hamster there are.  Did you know that there is more than one kind? 


  • Do you want a Siberian or a Campbell’s? 
  • Do you want a male or female? 
  • What is the genetic heritage of the one you choose? 
  • Are there genetic diseases that you should know about? 
  • How much room do I need to make sure we both have enough space?
  • How long do they live on average?
  • Should I get more than one so that they are not alone?
  • Do they like to be held?
  • Do you have to be a breeder?


The Dwarf Hamster BibleThis "THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE" helps you know exactly what questions to ask a breeder or a vet.  

 AND … It’s the only one that tells you what you need to know about breeding for fun or profit, too. 

No, the "THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE" does not concentrate on money-making schemes – If you cannot raise a healthy, happy dwarf hamster – how can you possibly breed one? 

Even though breeding is not the first topic … there is an entire chapter dedicated to breeding – if you want! 

How do you know if this is the right pet for you?  Ask yourself this:


  • Do I have any other animals that would think my dwarf hamster was lunch?
  • Do I want a pet that is easy to care for but still likes attention?
  • Do I live in an apartment where I can only have a hamster? 

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Let me explain why these are the first and most important questions before you proceed with taking on a dwarf hamster.  If you have a dog or cat and you let your dwarf hamster out to exercise, you probably won’t have a dwarf hamster long. 

No matter what the kid at the pet store tells you, hamsters do not like being eaten by dogs or terrorized by cats. 

The ideal situation is for a single or couple who enjoy the bonding experience that you get when you have a pet.  But, you cannot have a dog or cat and don’t find fish very cuddly. 

You can have a huge house or a small apartment and a dwarf hamster is just the right size to share it with you. 

Inside the "THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE", you will learn all about the Four Ds!  This is the very best guide to caring for a dwarf hamster that has ever been available. 

Written by breeders with the knowledge, all good breeders want to share with you to help you have a fabulous experience with your pet.  Following the suggestions of the Four Ds, will make your pet caring experience stress-free, fun, and creative – not to mention potentially profitable! 


  • DEMAND the best for your pet’s needs


Before you can demand the best, you have to know what your dwarf hamster needs.  You have to know what is good and what is not good for them.  This includes food, exercise, quarters to live in, and the kind of attention they need. 

Understanding the dwarf hamster helps to know their needs.  Some of the things that you may surprise you are:


  • Dwarf Hamsters really need to know you LIKE them and that you want them to be part of your life. 
  • They get terrified when left alone, ignored, or not included in your world for any length of time. 
  • The worst pet for children is a dwarf hamster because children are noisy, rough and like to squish them.  Hmmmmm….
  • Dwarf hamsters need to constantly file their teeth or they will be unable to eat! 
  • They need an incredible amount of exercise – more than a dog!
  • Dwarf hamsters do get depressed and that leads to them getting sick – and that can lead to them dying.
  • Dwarf hamsters need vitamins and minerals in their diets – similar to humans. 
  • Details are the answers to a joyful experience for all. 

In politics and medicine, the devil is in the details – and it’s the same thing with caring for dwarf hamsters.   





Inside the “THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE” there are details about – designing a play area for you and your pet, making your own dwarf hamster food, and creating toys from homemade objects for your pet. 


  • What to expect from your pet dwarf hamster?
  • How do you pay attention to something so small? 
  • Where is the best place to find a dwarf hamster to adopt?
  • What does your dwarf hamster need to make his house a home?
  • Learn how to build or select a non-cage container


And … Wait until you find out why cedar and pine chips are NOT “o.k.”  You’ll never let a hamster sit in that bedding again.

It is very important to make your pet dwarf hamster comfortable in his new surroundings.  Likely, he has just left his family for the first time and he doesn’t know you from squat yet.  All he has is this place to hide from that big scary world you live in.   

But, there are important questions to ask about how he will treat you, too! 

Yes, there are ways to train you dwarf hamster so that he behaves appropriately in the house.

Training does not mean “forcing” - it means “convincing” your pet to do things that please you because he/she wants to. 

Did you know that you can potty train your dwarf hamster? 

No?  Oh …. You really have to grab the “THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE”!  Wait till you see how EASY it is! 

Hold on!  Did that sink in, yet?  You can train your hamster!  This goes for any hamster, by the way – so just because you don’t have a dwarf species doesn’t mean that you can’t use this guide. 

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  • Knowing how to communicate with the dwarf hamster and how to begin making a connection with him, is vital to an enjoyable experience for both of you. 
  • Knowing what to do and when to do it to make this bonding a positive experience is discussed fully.


There are many suggestions and tips preparing you for what to expect and how to handle unexpected situations. 

One of the many things that I did not know when I got my first dwarfie was that hamsters need to exercise – not like to – need to!

THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE suggested several ways to make living together possible and safe at the same time. 

Did you know that hamsters get bored?  Yes, they do.  What do you do to keep that from happening?  Well, besides a hamster wheel – preferably metal – there are other ways to keep your dwarf hamster from being bored.

My greatest surprise was in discovering what foods a dwarf hamster loves to eat and after a few months, I was able to make the food at home by myself. 

Like dogs, there are foods that will literally poison them and being so small, it doesn’t take long.   For me, making the food myself was a way that I could really control what my dwarf ate and interact as a provider at the same time.    


Where is the best place to get a dwarf hamster and
What should I ask?”


  • DETERMINE  when your dwarf hamster is sick, pregnant or even its sex


Ok, what does this book offer that I can’t find somewhere else?  Just what it implies – everything. 
One of the first questions you need answers to is: 

The best place is a quality and qualified breeder.  A breeder that understands the correct way to care for a dwarf hamster and makes sure they have seen a vet before you take them home is ideal. 


You need to know what kind of care he or she has had before you take him in.  Imagine how frightened your pet would be of you if he had been in an abusive situation first.  You also need to know about the diseases your pet might be prone to because of his parentage

Some of the things a breeder will most likely know: 


  • What if I end up with a pregnant female? 
  • How will you even know she’s pregnant? 
  • Or, for that matter, how will you know she’s a she? 
  • What do you do if you don’t want to be a breeder? 
  • How old do the babies have to be before they leave their mother? 
  • Who should you call? 
  • The dwarf hamster only lives a short time – 1.5 to 3 years depending on the particular breed. 
  • With that in mind, who wouldn’t want to make those short years as pleasant as possible?


Is it best to get more than one dwarf hamster to start? 

Well, that all depends.  In theTHE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE, it goes through each type of the breed and who likes who or who lives best with whom.  They do like company but they are “selective”. 

Besides, I knew I needed to be confident that I could tell male from female since I had no intention of going into the breeding business.  Although, the book does tell you how to do that if you are interested. 

Are there any benefits to owning a dwarf hamster instead of a dog or cat?

Yes, if you live in a city, you will have to do the popper scooper routine with either animal.  You will have to license a dog or cat and get shots yearly.




Keep in mind; Pet Stores are in the business of selling pets and supplies from manufacturers that give them a discount to sell the products.  They are not in the business of caring, raising, or breeding dwarf hamsters.  It’s not their job to know about the animals needs. It’s not fair to expect them to know:




THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLEwill tell you what to look for in a suitable mate for your dwarf hamster. Knowing which breeds get along with each other and how much space the birthing house needs can save you hours of anxiety. 

Dwarf Hamster do have inherited diseases – but they are easily treatable!  On top of which, there are human diseases that can jump species and your poor tiny hamster can catch one from you.  There are several diseases that they are born with and need a vet to diagnose if they become ill.

 THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE details and describes the most common and your vet can tell you if your pet has one that you need to know more about.  Some are caused by the diet and some are genetic. 

I’m not pitching this book with any aim for personal gain.  I don’t stand to benefit from your purchase of this eBook, but what I do know is that you will—and so will your dwarf hamster! Consider for a moment the depth of research that prospective parents do before bringing home a new baby—and that’s despite the fact that they have been around babies and children for years.  Now consider how much less you know about a dwarf hamster than you do about children.  Are you really ready for this? Don’t underestimate the importance of preparing yourself and understanding what your new petownership will entail. 

Without THE DWARF HAMSTER BIBLE in your hands, I can’t vouch for the well-being of your new pet, or even its survival. 

With this book in your hands, however, I’d be ready to stake my own reputation on the success of your venture—I’ll personally refund your money if this book doesn’t do the trick. 

Since you have nothing to lose with 30 days 100% money back guarantee, I expect you’ll place your order right now, and I hope you’ll let me know how well it works for you and your pet.




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